Seminar room in Grindelwald

A seminar away from the company premises often works wonders for the team spirit. In the beautiful ambiance of the Bernese Oberland, surrounded by the comfort of our 4****star hotel, staff training becomes a true motivational programme.

Rooms for workshops and seminars

In a prime location, we offer a flexible infrastructure for all your projects. From workshops, seminars, strategy meetings for small working groups of up to 18 people or banquets for up to 120 guests, we have just the space to ensure your success. It goes without saying that state-of-the-art technical equipment is also provided. Secluded from the hustle and bustle of the business day, we ensure that you will be able to concentrate and work without disturbance.

Company seminars & Meetings in the Bernese Oberland
Seminar rooms in the seminar hotel Grindelwald - Kreuz & Post
Seminar room Grindelwald - Hotel Kreuz & Post
Hotel Grindelwald Kreuz & Post - Seminars & Meetings
Hotel for seminars, Meetings in Grindelwald - Kreuz & Post
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Seminar Hotel Grindelwald - Hotel Kreuz & Post, Familie Konzett
Seminar room Bernese Oberland - Hotel Kreuz Post, Grindelwald

Seminar offer at a glance

If you have any questions or wish to make a Seminar reservation, please contact us by phone tel: +41 33 854 54 92 or e-mail:

  • The Seminar room is 45 square meters.
  • We have space for up to 18 people and have just the space to ensure your success.
  • Bright and flooded with daylight and it goes without saying, that state-of-the-art technical equipment is also provided.
  • Costs 1/2 day: CHF 100.00
  • Costs 1/1 day: CHF 150.00
  • Banquets for up to 120 guests on request

Seminar room infrastructure

Our seminar room in Grindelwald is equipped with modern seminar equipment - and can be supplemented with additional technical equipment if necessary. Available is:

  • ClickShare - so the contents of notebocks or other computers can be easy and wireless transmitted on a presentation screen.
  • Visualizer
  • Pinboard
  • Flipchart
  • WiFi